The energy market in Romania and its neighbouring countries is converting from a regulated monopoly to a competitive market. This change offers consumers the ability and opportunity to negotiate better energy supply agreements, with the downside of facing inevitable risks such as contract structure and price volatility. To assist companies in managing these risks, we offer a range of standard and tailor-made solutions, through which we support our clients from the needs assessment stage to implementation and evaluation. Trade Invest Capital was formed in 2012 by skilled banking and energy veterans who have been successfully investing in the energy technology for many years. Our principals have a long history of successful investments, as well as experience financing and operating companies in various sectors. Their expertise relies on an enviable track record in delivering innovative projects and undertaking strategic research and consulting assignments in the areas of policy development, economics and technology, as well as the social and regulatory aspects of energy access provision. They manage delivery of high quality consultancy, mediation and private equity investments in the local and international energy and development sector.


Market conditions in the European energy sector are challenging, with low prices, slow growth in demand and decreasing predictability due to strong renewable energy production. To help you control and refute these disadvantages, we manage the trading of physical and financial energy commodities, and offer transactions and contracts tailored to the specific needs of your business. We cover all energy-related commodities and provide wholesale market support to internal and external customers.

We secure the competitive edge for our customers by rapidly responding to market changes and seizing business opportunities. We assure reliable energy and commodities supplies at competitive prices.

Our technical and business experts help you solve some of the most compelling challenges in operating photovoltaic and wind power systems: power market design, analysis and best practices, opportunities for electricity balancing and ancillary services, facilitation of renewable energy integration and strategic planning and investment decisions. We cover the implications of energy policies on the existing assets and infrastructure, on future system needs (reliability and operations) and opportunities for new investment.

We help you understand the benefits, costs and impacts of renewable energy policies and variable generation on power system operations, and how to better integrate and operate renewable resources.

Focused on venture capital opportunities in the energy sector, we have the industry background and the technical and operating experience to select promising companies, bring them into the larger energy world, and guide them to reach their full potential. We invest primarily in venture and expansion stage companies with superior technologies and business processes, experienced management and the potential for substantial capital appreciation.

Based on our deep technical expertise and experience, we invest in both early and later stage opportunities that present a strategic fit with the firm’s investment focus and objectives.

We provide consultancy services to help raise funds for project financing, investment and working capital requirements. We also intervene and represent you and your company before various financial institutions for raising venture funds, deal structuring, negotiation, and document such financing. Furthermore our optimization services provide significant results in decreasing your costs generated by your company debt position with a better control of the fees and commissions expenses related to the banking sector.

We assess and provide feedback on your company’s funding needs and potential, and use our extensive experience in the financial sector to assist you in fund raising and debt management activities.

Our Expertise Relies on Better Energy Supply Agreements


We Have Invested in Renewables and Natural Gas Trading

Opportunistic Equity Investment in Private Companies

With high growth prospective, with the scope of locking in the additional value generated by disruptions between the asset potential and momentary market value.

Forte Gaz GN

We have invested in Forte Gaz GN, a Romanian company which offers services to consumers from both the en-gros and en-detail markets: natural gas provision, trading and storage, abiding by the requirements of the SR EN ISO 9001:2008 international standard.

Green Grid

We have invested in the Green Grid 18MWh photovoltaic system, installed in Gamanesti village, Contesti town, Dambovita county in 2012. This is an oppourtune investment because Romania has a desirable solar emission degree, appropriate for electric energy generation.

Our Values and Mission Statement

1. Reliability

We manage risk efficiently and optimise portfolio value in order to maximise profitability for Trade Invest Capital and our customers.

2. Flexibility

We develop long-lasting partnerships based on securing reliable, responsible and flexible access to all relevant commodity wholesale markets.

3. Transparency

We offer unbiased opinions on the strength of the business proposition no matter what stage of development the project is in.

4. Honesty

We operate with trust and honesty and work in a constructive and collaborative manner with our clients, to develop a program suited to your needs.

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